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1. Choose a Test

Select a full panel package or individual testing option.

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2. Find a Lab

With over 4,000 laboratories, nationwide, getting tested has never been so convenient!

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3. Get Tested

Visit your lab of choice the same day you order your test. No appointment necessary! Get in and out within 10 – 15 minutes!

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4. View your Results

View your results in 2 days or less in the STDAware secure patient portal.

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No embarrassing wait. Discreet billing. All information is private and secure on your patient portal.

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FDA Approved Tests

STDAware uses state of the art technology and methodology to ensure reliable and accurate results.

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Same Day Testing

Get into a testing lab the same day you place your order. No appointments necessary. Testing takes 10-15 minutes.

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Results in 1-2 Days

Most test results returned within 1-2 days after testing is completed.

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Speak to People Who Care

The knowledgeable and compassionate advice staff at STDAware is here to help you through every step of the testing process.

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STDAware’s in-house medical staff provides post-test consultation for anyone who tests positive for an STD, at no additional cost to you.

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STDAware uses state of the art data encryption tools to ensure that your information is protected, private, and secure.

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STDAware is committed to providing excellence in both our testing products and our customer service. From start to finish, STDAware is here for you.

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STD Tests

  • Test panel3 ccd96148d79b2d5a9aad11a7b33f5b350786b210a6c5845d918f302ab7ac273310 Test Panel + HIV RNA Early Detection Test

    Test ten3 f2d88e65771959fd7d3ae82ac70f817061f5babf30507a528cc2fc32cb61282c

    The STDAware 10 Test Panel + HIV RNA early detection bundle is recommended by doctors for those who want faster yet reliable HIV testing results and can be taken if suspected exposure occurred within the last 9-21 days. RNA early detection testing is also recommended for anyone who is interested in starting PrEP.

    Get Tested Now.
  • Test panel2 0cbb9ca73eac9ffa9ed50d3cd5b5bf05a4cefbdd5745771eb0bd1c9175ca759c10 Test Panel + HIV Antibody Test

    Test ten2 2cf5c3fd5dbc8771fbb1bb39c39e975986df3edb48e538ea613bd535695fdc97

    The STDAware 10 Test Panel is doctor recommended and provides a comprehensive STD screening which screens for all of the most common STD conditions: HIV-1 and HIV-2 (using the 4th generation antibody testing methodology), herpes 1, herpes 2, gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C. Many STDs are asymptomatic. The only way to know if you have an STD is to get tested.

    Get Tested Now
  • Test panel1 b459a91b44647e821a176e1cd433945486ebebde6835843b66255d934d904360Chlamydia + Gonorrhea Dual Test Bundle

    Test ten1 f86b57ba9b5cd134762963e9202257dd42af023138b209926cf2bd16a4f57505

    The STDAware Dual Test Bundle screens for the two most commonly reported STD infections in America. It is very common for people to be infected with both chlamydia and gonorrhea, at the same time. Left untreated, both infections can cause serious health complications and risks. Anyone who tests positive for chlamydia or gonorrhea will be provided treatment at no additional cost.

    Get Tested Now
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Testing Labs

Patient Testimonials

  • Avatar male 539ad66b389d281b99182f65042fa57a3ccdca579cc197795e61486eaee57abd

    ...cheaper than a doctor's office visit and everything was included. If you're looking to get tested, is the way to go.

    BYAlex G

  • Avatar female 403f737fa4e1ed892fd04526f660760b6d71191f01e5855618edd812b247b669

    My experience was excellent, staff was very professional and knowledgeable, best part was that results came back very quickly! Overall great experience would highly recommend.

    BYElizabeth F.

  • Avatar male 539ad66b389d281b99182f65042fa57a3ccdca579cc197795e61486eaee57abd

    Customer service was very friendly and able to help me find a nearby lab for my testing. The website was very easy to use.



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    To get started, either place an order on the STDAware website by clicking here or call our toll free customer service line at 1-855-588-6958. The knowledgeable and compassionate advice staff at STDAware will be happy to assist you with any questions, selecting your testing solution, choosing a location, and checking out. Once your order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation email with a .pdf attachment. This .pdf attachment is your lab order, which you will print and take with you to your testing location of choice. If you have any difficulty printing your lab orders, please call the STDAware customer service team to have your lab orders faxed directly to the lab you wish to visit. You do not need to make an appointment and can go the same day you place your order, or anytime that is most convenient for you. Testing is quick and simple. Testing involves either a blood or urine sample. Most patients are in and out of the lab within 10-15 minutes.

    Most test results are delivered electronically through the STDAware secure patient portal, within 1-2 days after testing is completed. However, if one of our patients test positive for having an STD (with the exception of HSV-1), one of the board-certified physicians on staff at STDAware will attempt to contact them over the phone for a free post-test consultation to review results and go over treatment options. If after three attempts over the course of one week, the doctor cannot reach the patient by phone, the results will be issued electronically, and a post-test consultation can be scheduled over the phone with our support team.More

  • 2


    Absolutely. STDAware takes every precaution to ensure that your test results and personal date are safeguarded with some of the best security measures in the industry. All STDAware patients can have confidence knowing that their information will never be shared. To learn more about our privacy standards, click here.

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    STDAware accepts all major credit cards including American Express and Discover. Paypal payments can be accepted for orders placed over the phone. We also can accept Flexible Health Saving Account (HSA or FSA) benefits cards for STD test purchases. To find out more about using an HSA to purchase an STD test through STDAware, click here.

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    STDAware understands how sensitive this type of purchase can be. That’s why we ensure that billing for any STD test through STDAware is discreet. The line item purchase that will appear on a bank or credit card statement will come from First American Service Group. No additional description or ID will be included. Nothing will say “STD.” To learn more about the measures we take to keep all of our client patient information private, click here.

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    STDAware is the ONLY online STD testing service provider that offers post-test consultations with a medical professional, free of charge. If an STDAware patient tests positive for having an STD (with the exception of HSV-1), a doctor will attempt to reach out in order to review the test results and treatment options or the patient can call the STDAware customer support team and schedule their post-test consultation. Any STDAware patient who tests positive for having chlamydia, gonorrhea, or HSV-2 will receive treatment at no additional cost. To learn more about the no-cost services offered by STDAware, click here.

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STDAware has been committed to providing the best, direct to consumer, healthcare laboratory testing solutions since 2013. Our mission is to increase awareness and education about sexual health and STDs. No one should be in the dark about their sexual health. By de-stigmatizing and increasing STD testing, STDAware believes it can reduce the spread of disease and increase overall health and prosperity. STDAware stands by its patient clientele and ensures that everyone gets the medical care and attention they need and deserve. With over 4,000 testing locations, nationwide, we make getting tested accessible, affordable, and simple!

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