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How Does HIV Infect Cells?

HIV Infection

Have you ever wondered how HIV manages to infect the cells in the human’s body? In order to understand the disease and find a way to cure it, we must get informed on how the infection process starts and develops. Defining HIV Viruses are parasitic, at least in a way. All viruses have tiny genomes […]

What Are The Differences In Condoms?

Using the right condom can really influence your sexual experience. This is probably the main reason why the majority of people prefer some condoms to others. While some want a paramount feeling of safety, others enjoy thinner condoms that allow them to feel closer to their sexual partner. And even if you do not have […]

STDs vs. STIs: What’s The Difference?

std vs sti: whats the difference

There is a lot of confusion out there over the difference between the STD and STI acronyms. The goal of this article is to set the record straight once and for all. Just to be sure we are covering all the bases, it is important to clarify that STD stands for sexually transmitted disease, and […]

Signs Of A STI

Know how to spot common signs of a sexually transmitted infection and what to do if you are seeing signs of infection. Many people make the assumption that if they had an STI they would know it, but this isn’t always the case. Most STIs will show signs of infection, but there are some STIs […]