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STD Rates Around The World

 In August of 2018, the CDC released a statement that the STD infection rates in America had reached an all-time and critical high. With over 2.3 million newly reported infections at the end of 2017, the STD infection rates are being considered a public health and safety hazard.  Adding to this alarming statement is the […]

STDAware Featured In Upjourney as an “Exciting Healthcare Startup To Look Out For In 2019”

    First American Service Group, Inc., the umbrella corporation for STDAware, has designed a digital health platform that puts the individual in control of how and when sexual health concerns are addressed. “I saw that there was a real opportunity to serve a large population of individuals who could not or would not be […]

STDAware Joins The Mile-High Club

 In a recent LIVESTRONG article on the psychology behind plane sex, STDAware was featured as a sexual health authority on the risks of sex in public places. Read the original article here. The article was written on the heels of two Delta passengers being arrested after engaging in oral sex while hiding under a blanket, […]

Insects Have STDs

Insects Have STDs.  What It Might Mean For Humans In 2013 National Public Radio (NPR) featured a research study on a bizarre STD found in crickets. The study, headed by Shelley Adamo and her team at Dalhousie University, focused on the virus called iridovirus and the effects of this cricket STD leaves many in the […]

CDC Announces That STD Infection Rates In America Are A Public Health Crisis

Washington DC: Tuesday, August 28, 2018, the CDC announced that the rates for chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis (the most common STDs in America) increased for the fourth consecutive year in a row to a total of 2.3 million US cases.  This statement comes just one year after Jonathan Mermin, director of CDC’s (Centers for Disease […]

Are College Students “Schooled” In Safe Sex?

The process of selecting a college or university for most students and parents is typically based on a variety of factors including academics, location, cost, scholarships, and sporting and social opportunities. Unfortunately, a widely overlooked component of campus life is that of sexual health resources. And while this type of service might be considered a […]

The STDAware Difference

STDAware cares and is committed to providing excellence both in its products and services but also in the quality of care and attention given to any person who makes contact with us. And while we value any individual’s decision to seek “free clinic” STD testing, we also know that “free” and “pain-free” are not mutually […]