STDAware Featured In Upjourney as an “Exciting Healthcare Startup To Look Out For In 2019”

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First American Service Group, Inc., the umbrella corporation for STDAware, has designed a digital health platform that puts the individual in control of how and when sexual health concerns are addressed.


I saw that there was a real opportunity to serve a large population of individuals who could not or would not be able to address their sexual health needs for a variety of reasons,” said Michael Dubendris, founder and CEO of STDAware.

With the recent changes in overall healthcare as well as the Title-X restrictions, STDAware addresses a real and growing need for a “no-hassle” solution for sexual health screening services.

The STDAware digital health platform is a self-service healthcare model and allows individuals to decide when and how they are tested for STDs. The ability to control the “how” and “when” of STD testing addresses the main prohibiting factors for a huge populous, such as those who have multiple jobs and cannot, otherwise, afford to take time off. The benefit of the self-service health care model also extends to a large majority of individuals who do not feel comfortable visiting a doctor’s office for sexual health care, including disabled people, trans people, and sex workers.

Additionally, young people who may be insured under a parental policy but do not want their medical information to appear on their parents’ billing have the ability to defend their sexual health and maintain their independence and privacy under this type of service. With over half of the STD infections occurring in people between the ages of 15-24, the self-service health care model is a significant opportunity to fight the spread of disease.

STDAware will not be the last digital health platform of its kind to enter the industry, but it is clear that First American Health, Inc., has an eye and an edge on the changing medical, economic, and political changes. With clear plans to stay ahead of the market need and revolutionizing the self-service healthcare model that empowers individuals to dictate the terms of their health services, First American Health, Inc., will stay at the front lines of ensuring America’s growing medical concerns are met with premium services.

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