What Are The Differences In Condoms?

Using the right condom can really influence your sexual experience. This is probably the main reason why the majority of people prefer some condoms to others.

While some want a paramount feeling of safety, others enjoy thinner condoms that allow them to feel closer to their sexual partner. And even if you do not have a favorite, it is great to try out various types and choose one according to your preferences.

If you visit the condom section at the drugstore or the market, you may end up overwhelmed from the choice. At this point, the variety of condom sizes, shapes and colors is enormous. So, where do you even begin?

Choosing a Condom Type

The good thing with trying out condoms is, you cannot go wrong. Every condom will keep you safe from STDs and protect you against pregnancy and it is up to you which condom you will find the best for usage.

When the time comes for you to choose your favorite condom, there is no need to overstress about it. Take your time and try out the variety of condoms available at the drugstore.

Types of Condoms and Differences between Them

Latex Condoms

The standard latex condoms are the most commonly used condoms. These help prevent STDs and pregnancy, but some people may experience uncomfortable itching, rash or redness if they are allergic to latex.

If you notice such symptoms after using latex condoms, visit your doctor’s office and ask them to test you for a latex allergy. But do not quit these condoms right away – your allergy may be caused by excessive dryness and even by the lubricant.

Non-Latex Condoms

Non-latex condoms are the first alternative to latex condoms, especially when people are allergic to it. Still, this option is not as effective and comfortable as the latex condoms. Non-latex condoms have a much higher rate of breakage than latex condoms, which lowers the effectiveness to 95%, compared to the 98% effectiveness of the latex counterparts.

What are non-latex condoms made of?

The most common materials used for non-latex condoms are polyurethane, lambskin, nitrile and polyisoprene.


Probably the most controversial condom there is, the lambskin is produced by using natural material. For this reason, many find these condoms to have less sensation reduction, which provides better pleasure and arousal.

Still, lambskins do not protect you against STDs. Furthermore, they are not as effective at preventing pregnancy during sex, which loses the main purpose of a condom.

Why lambskins cannot protect you from STDs, you may wonder. The answer is simple – these condoms have naturally occurring pores that are large and let some viruses such as herpes and HIV pass on through.


Spermicide is a chemical substance that destroys the sperm and immobilizes it. This substance is found in various forms such as foams, creams, film and jellies, and is often combined with condoms.

On their own, spermicides are only 70-80% effective, but when they come in a combination with condoms, the percentage increases to 97%.

Unfortunately, there is a minor chance that this substance could damage the condom’s latex or cause allergic reactions. Try them out and see if spermicide is a good option for you.

Female Condoms

The latest addition to condom types, female condoms are known to be less effective than male condoms. The main reason for this lies in the difficulty to place them, which makes the use failure rate increase to 21%.

Still, if you learn how to use them correctly, female condoms have 95% success at preventing both STDs and pregnancy. To make this percentage even higher, experts recommend that you use these condoms in combination with another birth control form, such as an IUD or the pill.


Lubrication makes the entire experience more comfortable, but did you know that it could also decrease the chance of the condom breaking and coming off? Choosing a lubricated condom is a good option, but make sure to take caution if you want to use your own lube. After all, not every lubricant is compatible with condoms.


To avoid pre-mature ejaculation, use desensitizing condoms! These condoms are the answer to sexual problems where one of the partners lacks in endurance.

Desensitizing condoms are designed with a numbing agent that extend the pleasure and prolong climax.

Contoured and Shaped

For those who hate using condoms, companies have created shaped and contoured types that increase the sensation. Of course, these can vary from brand to brand, but the general idea here is to create more friction over the nerve endings of the penis.

Large and Small

We all know that penises come in different sizes. For this reason, always be honest about your size when purchasing a condom. If the condom is too big, it can slide off and stop the protection. On the other hand, smaller condoms are very likely to break, regardless of the quality.

It is for exactly these reasons why companies refer to the condom’s diameter when determining the size.

Long and Short

Length is also important when purchasing condoms. If you choose one with extra headroom, you can get the added sensation since the material will rub over the penis’ nerve endings.

Short condoms cannot achieve this and can easily result in spillage.

Colors and Flavors

Colors in condoms are added for the sole purpose of being more adventurous and fun for use. They provide the same amount of protection, regardless of the difference in color. Still, companies put colors on different types of condoms, which allows for easier distinguishing.

Did you know that Herpes and HIV could also be passed through oral sex?

Knowing this, you should also use protection when performing oral sex. To make the experience better, condom companies added flavor to condoms.

Glow in the Dark

If you like candles and lights for a romantic atmosphere, you may also like to make the penis glow. Glow in the dark condoms are popular in the condom world, so turn down your lights and check this novelty out!


Textured condoms come in various designs and add some extra sensation. There are plenty of options to try out, so get going right away!

Have you tried out every condom type in this list? Make sure to try them out and pick the best one based on your pleasure and preferences!

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