Which Cities Have The Most Chlamydia Infections?

Over the years, healthcare providers have tested thousands of people across the U.S, and millions of them around the world. Such testing allows professionals to keep track of statistics, pinpointing the locations that have the most STD diagnosis.

If you are also located in the US and wonder what cities have the most STIs, this is the right article to read. Our list will inform you of the first 10 cities where chlamydia and other STDs are most present and therefore, prepare you for the increased risk if you decide to practice unprotected sex there.

This particular list is based on several STDs, the first and most common being chlamydia. The other STDs include gonorrhea, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, genital herpes, HIV-1, HIV-2 and syphilis.

Seeing that oral herpes is the most widespread disease on a worldwide level, researchers decided to exclude it from the data. Therefore, the top 10 cities that have the majority of STD incidents in the US, per capita, are as follows:

Austin, TX

Of course it is the ‘Live Music Capital of the World’! Austin is the home of the 6th street that is filled with nightclubs and bars, as well as the inviting location to everyone who enjoys hot summertime temperatures. And most importantly, it is the home of the University of Texas – the place where over 50,000 students meet and become sexually active. According to some researchers, the campus is the biggest factor why Austin is in the top of our STD infected cities list.

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco is no longer popular just for the Silicon Valley and its high apartment renting expenses. At this point, this city is famous for the quantity of STD patients. According to statistics, HIV and AIDS positive tests are decreasing, but numbers show that chlamydia and other STDs are rapidly growing in the City by the Bay.

Therefore, think carefully when you decide to party all night in the city’s The Castro. Be careful when meeting your next sexual partner in North Beach, or sipping your fourth glass of wine at Potrero Hill. San Francisco is a dangerous place to have unprotected sex in.

New York City, NY

Well, if they never sleep, what do you expect them to do? New Yorkers seem to be sleeping around more than usual, with the number of positive STD tests spiking at a fast pace. It being the largest city in the US, it almost makes sense that we have New York City on our list of highest rates of positive chlamydia test results.

It is in the top of almost every list, but in this case, it is not a good thing. Therefore, be careful. Avoid the STDs by practicing safe sex. After all, no reason is a reason good enough not to visit and mingle with the amazing New Yorkers.

Miami, FL

Being a popular place to visit, Miami is basically flooded with people having unprotected sex. Unfortunately, most people get carried away when on vacation and simply keep spreading STDs on the residents and other tourists.

This led to Miami being in the top of the list, which is unfortunate. This means that if you decide to visit this amazing city, famous for the nightlife and celebrity-packed nightclubs, you should always take condoms with you.

It is a smart choice for your sexual health, anyways.

San Antonio, TX

Yes, it is an impressive small town, but the number of STDs is quite big. Being small allows for people to mix with residents and new visitors, which lead to San Antonio being one of the most infected cities with chlamydia and other STDs.

Buy some condoms if you decide to meet a guy at the Riverwalk or have a date at the restaurant that serves marvelous Tex Mex. Be careful, this is the place where you can easily get infected.

Philadelphia, PA

Currently the 6th largest metro area in the US, Philadelphia takes the sixth place in our list, too. And even though being on the first list is amazing for the city, being on our list is not good for Philly.

It is always sunny in Philadelphia, they say. But, except when you eat their amazing cheese steak and use the metro to get around, it will not be that sunny once you get infected because you did not use a condom. So, be smart – worry a little bit about the increased spread of STDs in this town.

Washington, D.C.

People of Washington, get it together! This is the capital of our nation, so start being more serious and concerned about your sexual health!

You’d think that people in Washington are all political and worried about the people, but they actually practice all the dangers of unprotected sex, at least according to statistics. STDs rates are soaring in there, so make sure to avoid unsafe sex when in the area.

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is a hotbed for chlamydia and other STDs. And no wonder why – many young professionals decided to move there in the past decade, making the STD rates higher than ever in the area.

Dallas, TX

The third Texas town in our small, but dangerous list – Dallas. Apparently, people in Texas cannot keep their little one in a condom and keep spreading chlamydia as if it were a candy.

If you knew how many people tested positive here, you’d carry ten packs of condoms in your suitcase when visiting.

Chicago, IL

Last but not least – the Chi-town. If there is any town in US that is least ashamed to speak of sex, it is this one.

Knowing this, rush to the doctor’s office if you had unprotected sex in the area. And next time, make your walk of shame safer by using some condoms when engaging in sexual intercourse. Being ranked in our top 10 chlamydia infected cities list is nothing to brag about.

Even though these are the most ‘STD infected cities’, do not forget that you can be infected in any location in the world. So, keep getting tested and do not forget to practice safe sex, wherever you are.


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