The STDAware Difference

STDAware cares and is committed to providing excellence not only in its products and services but also in the quality of care and attention given to any person who makes contact with us. And while we value any individual’s decision to seek “free clinic” STD testing, we also know that “free” and “pain-free” are not mutually exclusive.

Check out this list of Pros & Cons of a Free Clinic versus private STD testing services, such as STDAware.

Free STD Clinic Pros

  • "Free" or low-income billing allowances.

Free STD Clinic Cons

  • Long Wait Time. Even with an appointment, many clinics leave you in the waiting room for 45 minutes to 3 hours!
  • Everyone knows why you’re there. If you’re at a sexual health clinic, everyone assumes the worst about your situation. And even though nurses are supposed to be objective, their silent judgment can be deafening.
  • Outdated testing methodologies. Many socially funded clinics are still using “old” testing methods that include invasive and painful swabbing of the genitals. Yes, it means you have to take your pants off.
  • Results are pending. Many clinics don’t bother calling you with your results unless you test positive. While you can assume no news is good news, it also means you end up waiting around for a long time wondering if you missed the call.
  • Treatment is elusive. Many clinics do not have access to prescriptive services. While they can refer you for treatment to another clinic, the process could take longer and delaying treatment for some conditions could be detrimental.
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Clinic Pros

  • No Wait Time. Once an order has been placed on lab orders will be sent via email, which can be taken directly to the testing location of choice. No Appointment Necessary. Most patients are in and out of the testing center within 10-15 minutes.
  • No One Know Why You’re There. STDAware testing sites test for a variety of medical needs, not just STDs. Your presence at the lab won’t be stigmatized.
  • State Of The Art Testing Facilities. STDAware uses FDA Approved, state of the art medical equipment and testing methodology, which require a urine or blood sample. None of the STDAware tests involve any invasive or painful swabbing techniques.
  • FAST Results. Results are typically delivered electronically within 1-2 business days. In the event that someone tests positive for having an STD, one of our in-house medical staff will attempt to make contact via telephone, first. If a patient cannot be reached after three attempts on the phone, the results will be sent electronically.
  • FREE Medical Consultation Services and Treatment Options. STDAware is the only online STD testing provider that offers post-test consultations, free of charge. Patients who are diagnosed with chlamydia, gonorrhea, or HSV-2 will be eligible to receive treatment at no-cost. Counseling and support referrals will be given to patients with other STD conditions. STDAware ensures that each patient gets the care they need.
  • Privacy Guarantee. All client information is privileged, private and secure. To learn more about how STDAware protects your information, click here.
  • An Overall Respectful Experience. STDAware understands how scary and frustrating dealing with an STD can be. Our staff is dedicated to providing compassionate and respectful service.
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Clinic Cons

STDAware currently offers medical counseling services to patients who are diagnosed with any STD condition except for oral herpes (HSV-1), at no additional cost. Free treatment is provided to STDAware patients who test positive for having chlamydia, gonorrhea, or HSV-2.

STDAware Cares

STDAware’s caring and knowledgeable advice counselors are available to speak with you and answer any of your STD questions. Contact us toll-free: 1-855-588-6958 or email:

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