Sample STD Test Results

Tests are annotated by our doctors to help you understand your results.

Stdaware sample test

What Does A "Negative" Result Mean?

A negative test result indicates our tests found no sign of infection.

What Does A "Positive" Result Mean?

A positive test result indicates your test showed signs of an infection or antibodies of an infection.

Can I Speak With A Doctor If I Test Positive?

Absolutely. Our doctors will pro actively call you if you have a positive test result. You'll be able to ask the doctor any questions you have about your infection and treatment options.

What Does "Value" Mean?

Your value is the result of your test, within a reference range. If your value lies within the range of infection, you will test positive for that infection.

What Is A "Reference" Range?

A reference range defines the normal range in the population for a given infection. Reference ranges indicate results that are positive, negative or indeterminate.

Can I Get An STD More Than One Time?

Yes. STDs often come together, with gonorrhea and chlamydia being the most usual pair. If you are exposed to an infection before the end of your antibiotics or treatment you can become re-infected. We recommend testing 6 weeks after an infection to ensure it has been successfully cleared.

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