Free Doctor Consultation

STDAware prides itself on being able to offer its patients medical consultation at no additional cost.

All test results are reviewed by one of the board-certified physicians that work with STDAware. In the event that any of our patients’ test results are positive for having an STD (except for HSV-1, oral herpes), they will be offered a post-test consultation to review their results and go over any medical details and treatment options.

To find out more about the Free Doctor Consultations at STDAware, read the sections below.

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How Does The Free Consultation Work?

Receiving a post-test consultation can happen in one of two ways.

  1. A patient can call the STDAware support team at any time after receiving their results and request a free consultation. The STDAware support person will set up a consultation appointment call time.
  2. An STDAware doctor will attempt to reach out over the phone. If the doctor cannot reach the patient for any reason, the patient can call the STDAware support team to schedule a consultation appointment time.

The STDAware support number is 1-855-588-6958. It is up to the patient to ensure they are available to speak at the agreed upon appointment time.

What Will The Doctor Say?

During the free consultation, the STDAware doctor will review the test results and what they mean as well as ask any relevant questions about the patient’s medical history and sexual activity. Our physician will be able to explain the specifics about the particular STD(s) that a patient is diagnosed with and explain whether or not the condition they have can be cured or if it requires long-term management, and what that might look like in terms of lifestyle adjustment.

The doctor will also be able to prescribe treatment for chlamydia, gonorrhea, and HSV-2 (genital herpes) at no additional cost. If an STDAware patient is diagnosed with an STD that does not qualify for free treatment, the doctor will review what the options and resources are for receiving treatment are. If a patient has an STD that cannot be cured and requires life-long management protocols, the doctor will explain what to expect, treatment options, where to get treatment, and provide other helpful resources.

How Much Time Does The Free Consultation Take?

The amount of time each free consultation takes will vary depending on what the specific patient has been diagnosed with, what they are experiencing, and what questions they have. STDAware doctors have a reputation for being caring and taking the time to explain each medical situation in plain-terms that are easy to understand. Our team takes the time to ensure each patient gets the care and attention they need.

Do All STDAware Patients Get A Consultation?

While STDAware is always happy to assist you with any questions, only patients who test positive for having an STD (except for HSV-1) are eligible for the free medical consultation.

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We provide access to thousands of modern and private testing locations all around the country for your convenience.

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We provide access to thousands of modern and private testing locations all around the country for your convenience.

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