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  • Q: How does this work?

    In order to get your testing done, you need to register first. This can be done through our website here or by calling our toll free customer service line at 1-855-588-6958. Once you have selected the test or tests you want and provide your billing information, you will receive a confirmation email right away. This confirmation email will include a .pdf attachment. That attachment is your lab order. You will need to print it and then bring it with you to a Quest Diagnostics location. You don't need to make an appointment. Quest Diagnostics does not even take appointments. All of our tests are done on a walk-in basis. Wait times are not long. Once you get to Quest Diagnostics and check in, they will then take a blood sample and a urine sample. Two business days later, you will be contacted at the email address that you provided to us when you signed up with instructions that explain how to view your results online.

    If you are unable to print your lab order, most Quest Diagnostics locations will allow you to load your lab order on your phone and show it to them when you get there. There have been cases where Quest Diagnostics employees have no allowed this though, which is why we tell people that it's always a good idea to print the lab order if you can. If you are unable to print your lab order and you are not allowed to use your phone to show the employee at the front desk, call our customer service line. One of our representatives will be able to fax your lab order into whatever Quest location that you are visiting.

  • Q: Will my results be confidential?

    Yes. All of our patient information is closely protected and only released to you via the email address that your provide to us when you register to get testing done. More information about our privacy policy can be found here.

  • Q: How will this show up on my credit card statement?

    When you sign up for testing through STDAware, your credit or debit card will be billed by First American Service Group. You will be billed this way to protect your confidentiality.

  • Q: Do you provide treatment?

    If you receive a positive test result, you will be able to make an appointment with one of our physicians at no additional cost. For more information on your free doctor consultation, please click here.

  • Q: Am I able to visit a different clinic than the one I was assigned to when I initially registered?

    We do all of our testing through a lab company called Quest Diagnostics. You are able to bring your lab order with you to any Quest Diagnostics to get your testing done. You do not need to go to any specific location. The clinic address that you were provided with when you signed up was given to you as a courtesy to help you find locations that are the most convenient for you. However, if your plans change, you can absolutey visit a different Quest Diagnostics location.

  • Q: I'm having trouble accessing my results through your website. What should I do?

    If you experience any difficulty while you are trying to access your results through our website, please call our toll free customer service line at 1-855-588-6958. We will be able to send your results to the email address that you registered with as a .pdf attachment.

  • Q: I don't understand the results I've received. Can I talk to somebody about them?

    If there is anything unclear to you about your results, you can call our customer service line at 1-855-588-6958. One of our representatives will be happy to go over your results with you and help you understand them. If you have a positive result and would like medical advice, one of our customer service representatives will provide you with contact information to set up an appointment with one of the doctors we work with. This appointment will be free of charge

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