HIV Early Detection Testing

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a serious, life threatening disease. Failure to identify and treat HIV can lead to the progression of HIV into AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome). Early detection is vital to successful treatment and management of HIV. Many people living with HIV lead long and fulfilling lives under properly managed treatment and protocols.

The HIV RNA Early Detection Blood Test, conducted by an STDAware lab, uses the FDA Approved testing methodology called Transcription-Mediated Amplification (TMA). TMA is, currently, the most rapid, sensitive, and reliable method for detecting acute HIV infections (and other virological infections) that may be missed by other testing methodology. TMA will require a small sample of your blood. You will not need to remove your clothing or wear a gown. You may be asked to roll up your shirt-sleeve.

Quick View Of HIV Early Detection Testing


You do NOT need to fast before the HIV RNA Early Detection blood test.

Sample Needed

This test requires a blood sample only

Test Time

5-10 Minutes


Back in 1-2 days

Doctor Consultation

One of our doctors will contact you if you test positive for having HIV

What Type Of Sample Does This Test Require?

The HIV RNA Early Detection Test is a blood test only. When you visit an STDAware lab, a small amount of blood will be drawn. This test does not involve any cups, invasive swabbing, or uncomfortable scrapings.

How Long Does It Take To Get Tested?

Most STDAware patients are in and out of the laboratory-testing center within 10 – 15 minutes.

Do I Need To Fast Before Getting Tested For HIV?

No. You do not need to abstain from eating and drinking before this HIV blood test.

How Long Does It Take To Get My Results?

Test results are typically available with in 1-2 days. To learn more about how STDAware makes getting tested quick and convenient for you, click here.

In the event that your test results come back positive, one of the STDAware physicians will contact you by phone within 1-2 days after your test is completed. If after three attempts, over the span of one week, you cannot be reached by phone, your test results will be released electronically for viewing on the secure patient portal.

If you are worried that you may have missed the doctor’s phone call, please contact us toll-free: 1-855-588-6958 or email:

Should I Get The HIV Early Detection Test?

The HIV RNA Early Detection test will identify if the presence of the actual HIV virus is in the body. This is different from the HIV Antibody test which only tests for antibodies for HIV and can miss acute HIV infections. HIV RNA testing will be most accurate between 9 and 21 days after suspected exposure compared with the 2 to 9 weeks for accuracy using an antibody test. The HIV RNA Early Detection blood test can be used 1-3 days after suspected exposure to rule out an acute HIV infection for PEP purposes. A follow up test is recommended 90 days after initial suspected exposure to confirm negative test results.

A negative HIV RNA test result is required to initiate a PrEP or PEP HIV prevention protocol. To read more about PrEP & PEP, click here.

Anybody of any age can become infected with HIV. Individuals who are considered at high risk are those who work in a healthcare environment that potentially exposes them to HIV, or those who have engaged in unprotected vaginal or anal sex, have had multiple sex partners, have another type of STD infection, have had sex with someone infected with HIV, or or if you or your sex partner(s) have ever shared needles with anybody.

It is possible for you to be carrying HIV without having any symptoms. The only way to know if you have HIV is to get tested.

What will the results show?

Test will reflect one of the two types of outcomes:

“Positive,” or “Negative”.

  • Negative Test Result: means that you do not have an HIV infection
  • Positive Test Result: means your test showed an HIV infection in your blood and will need to seek treatment after a confirmation test

Can HIV Be Cured?

At this time, there is no known cure for HIV. However, there are many effective treatments that can manage and treat HIV and its symptoms. Many people lead long and fulfilled lives while managing an HIV infection. And advances continually are being made in the medical field, which could mean more permanent options for treating HIV in the future. To find out more about HIV treatment and management solutions, click here.

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What If I Test Positive for HIV?

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If you test positive for having HIV one of our board certified physicians may attempt to reach out to you on the phone for a free post-test consultation. If you are unavailable by phone, we will reach out to you at the email address provided when you purchase your test. On your consultation call, our doctor will explain your results to you and what options you have for treatment. HIV is a serious condition that requires careful management. Many people lead long and happy lives with a properly controlled HIV infection. To learn more about HIV treatment options, click here. If you believe you may have been exposed to an HIV infection, don't wait! Contact us toll free at: 1-855-588-6958 or email us at: to learn more about when and how to get tested. Stop Worrying! Get Tested.

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