How To Get Tested For STDs with STDAware

STDaware knows how scary and frustrating dealing with STD testing can be. That’s why we’ve created a no-hassle system for getting tested FAST and simple.

To get started, select the full panel or individual testing option that is right for you. Then, select the testing location you wish to visit and enter your payment information. Once your order is complete you will receive an email with your lab orders. Simply print and take with you to your lab of choice.Testing can be completed the same day you place your order. No embarrassing and long waits at a free clinic. No awkward appointment scheduling for the doctor’s office.

Patients are typically in and out of the lab within 10-15 minutes, and most test results are returned 1-2 days after testing is completed.

All STDAware services are secure, private, and discreet.


Testing Is As Easy As 1-2-3

Peace Of Mind Is Just Three Steps Away

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step 2: visit a lab
Step 3: Receive Your Test Results Via Email

What If My Test Results Are Positive?

What You Should Know After Being Tested For STDs

Free Doctor Consultation

Free Doctor Consultation

Free Doctor Consultation

Routine STD Testing Should Be Part Of An Overall Healthy Lifestyle

If your test results came back negative for having an STD; Congratulations on a clean bill of sexual health! In order to maintain your STD-free status, you should continue to monitor and safeguard your sexual well-being by routinely being tested for STDs.

Any sexually active individual who is not in a long-term, mutually monogamous relationship should be regularly screened for STDs anytime there is a change in sexual partner(s) or habits. Proper condom use and being tested at the same time as your sex or needle-sharing partner(s) are the most effective defenses against the spread of STDs. A simple test can make all the difference in your quality of life!

A Positive Test Result Means You Can Take Control

As the saying goes, “Knowing Is Half The Battle.” You should be proud of yourself for taking the step to get a clear picture of your sexual health. Now that you know about your STD you can do something about it and take control of your situation.

You are NOT alone. Millions of Americans have or have had an STD at some point in their lives, and STDAware is here for you!


STDAware offers post-test consultation for anyone who tests positive for having an STD (with the exception of HSV-1). These post-test consultation calls are provided at no additional cost to STDAware patients and are conducted by a board-certified physician on staff at STDAware. During your call with the doctor, they will review what your test results mean and what your options for treatment are. The doctor may also ask you about your sexual history and any past partners that you may wish to notify. Be advised that in certain states, it is a legal requirement for an individual to disclose an HIV infection to any sex partners before sexual consent.

Most STDs are treatable and can be cured when medication is taken as directed. For those STD conditions that cannot be cured, treatment is still available to minimize the impact of an STD on your life. STDAware patients who are diagnosed with chlamydia, gonorrhea, and HSV-2 will qualify for free treatment. To learn more about the no-cost doctor consultation through STDAware, click here.

Testing Should Be Conducted On Recent Sexual Partners

Consideration of the health and safety of any recent sexual or needle-sharing partners is both a medical advantage and, in certain situations, a legal obligation. Most states have severe penalties for the transmission of STDs to other individuals and can result in anything from fines, sex offender registration, and jail time. To learn more about the legal obligations of STD disclosure, click here.

Finding Support Can Be Vital To Your Well-Being

STDs can come with a range of emotions and medical implications. Some STD conditions are life altering and require a strict regime to manage the symptoms and effect of the STD on your life. Finding support groups that can share their experiences and resources with you on how to cope and move forward in your life while managing and STD condition can be a critical success factor in continuing to lead a fulfilling and happy life. Many support groups will also offer resources and success stories for getting payment assistance for some of the more costly medications as well as general emotional support and advice.

STD also has a list of support groups so that individuals can seek additional support when living with an STD, click here.

Why People Prefer STDAware


STDAware cares and is committed to providing excellence not only in its products and services but also in the quality of care and attention given to any person who makes contact with us. In addition to being the ONLY online STD testing service that also provides follow-up medical consultation and treatment options, our services deliver “next level” ease and peace of mind.

We Keep Your Privates, Private!

STDAware prides itself on being private and discreet. Any interactions with us are 100% confidential, and your information is kept private and secure in accordance with HIPAA, Federal, State, and local laws. Even our billing is discreet. To learn more about the STDAware privacy promise, click here.

Quality & Respectful Service

STDAware stands by its services and its patient clientele with quality service and support. Unlike free clinics, STDAware clinics are fast, efficient, and friendly. Most STDAware patients are in and out of a testing lab within 10-15 minutes. No stressful paperwork or questions. No appointments. No waiting.

CLIA Certified Labs

All 4,000+ of the STDAware testing laboratories meet or exceed CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) standards. The CLIA oversees all clinical lab tests done in the US. This means that you are getting the highest quality testing and most reliable results.

FDA Approved Tests

STDAware holds to high standards so that you get the highest quality services. Each of our CLIA certified labs uses only FDA approved testing methodologies.

FAST Results

STDAware has the fastest turn around time in the industry for test results. Most results are returned within 1-2 days after testing is completed. Test results are delivered electronically for viewing on the secure STDAware patient portal.

Should your test results be positive for having an STD, one of the STDAware doctors will attempt to reach you by phone before releasing your results on your patient portal. If you are worried you may have missed the call; you can reach out to the STDAware support team for assistance at 1-855-588-6958.

Medical Support & Treatment Is Included

Any STDAware patient who tests positive for having an STD (with the exception of HSV-1) will receive a post-test consultation with one of the STDAware physicians. This post-test consultation is free of charge and will cover what your test results means and what your treatment options are. Patients who are diagnosed with chlamydia, gonorrhea, or HSV-2 will receive treatment at no additional cost. To find out more about these free services provided by STDAware, click here.

Affordable Pricing

STDAware makes getting tested accessible. Most patients are surprised how affordable STDAware testing services are. We make payment convenient and take a variety of payment methods. To learn more about our current payment options, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

STDAware understands how scary and frustrating dealing with an STD test can be. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most common questions about our services below. Click on a question to see the answer. If you still have questions, our compassionate and knowledgeable advice staff is always happy to speak with you to answer any of your testing questions. Contact us at 1-855-588-6958 or email:

  • Where Do I Go to Get Tested?

    STDAware has over 4,000 testing laboratory locations, nationwide, to choose from. Testing has never been so easily accessible and simple! To find an STDAware testing location near you, click here.

  • Do I Need To Make An Appointment To Get Tested?

    You do not need to make an appointment to get tested at an STDAware testing lab. Once you place your order, you will receive your lab orders in an email. Just print and take with you to the lab you selected during check out the same day as your order or anytime that is most convenient for you. If you have difficulty printing your lab orders or do not have access to a printer, please call our customer service team, and they will have your lab orders sent directly to your testing location.

    Testing requires a blood or urine sample and does not take very long. Most people are in and out of the testing site within 10-15 minutes.

  • How Will The Charge Appear On My Credit Card Or Bank Statement?

    STDAware knows how sensitive this type of purchase is and takes every measure to ensure that billing is discreet and confidential. Nothing on your bank or credit card statement will make any mention of STDAware or the word “STD.” The billing line item will appear from “First American Service Group.” If you have a question about your billing, please contact our support team at 1-855-588-6958 or email

  • How Does STDAware Protect My Privacy?

    In addition to abiding by all Federal and State privacy regulations, STDAware takes extra measures to ensure the safety and privacy of all patient data. By using state of the art Norton Symantec Secure Site Pro 256-bit Extended Validation SSL certificate, issued by DigiCert, and secured with SHA-256 elliptical curve cryptography any data shared between STDAware servers and client computers, such as identification, medical records, and billing data, STDAware patients can rest assured that all testing and billing information is kept 100% private, safe, confidential, and secure.

    STDAware is also certified by McAfee Secure which validates that our site is free of malware, viruses, phishing attacks, and other cyber “things” that could harm your computer or access your information. We also offer up to $100,000 identity protection for any of our patient clientele. To learn more about our privacy promise, click here.

  • What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

    STDAware accepts all major credit cards including American Express and Discover. Paypal payments can be accepted for orders placed over the phone. We also can accept Flexible Health Saving Account (HSA or FSA) benefits cards for STD test purchases. To find out more about using an HSA to purchase an STD test through STDAware, click here.

  • When Is The Best Time To Get Tested For STDs?

    Medical experts agree that STD testing should be done on a regular basis as part of an overall healthcare routine and healthy lifestyle. That said, there are different testing methodologies for each type of STD that should be considered, and results will be most accurate for specific STDs based on the time they are taken after the potential risk of exposure. To read more about the methodologies used and the timeframe for accuracy for each type of STD, click here.

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