Private and Confidential STD Testing

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STDAware abides by federal, state and local laws. When you register to take one of our tests, be assured that nobody on our staff will ever share the results with anybody that is not you. In fact, we will only ever contact you by email, and we will only use the email address that you provide to us when you initially sign up.

Complete Discretion

You are, of course, free to call us on our toll free number to discuss your test results or our procedures or to go over anything that you may have questions about. Our toll free number is 855-588-6958. You can rest easy knowing that, unless you email us or leave us a voicemail that specifically requests us to contact you by phone, that we will never reach out to you in any way except through email.

Privacy Protection

We follow HIPAA guidelines. HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. It was signed into law in 1996. It covers lots of topics, but the ones that are germane to your dealings with us regard your privacy. There are a number of legal safeguards in place that guarantee the confidentiality of your results. For a more detailed explanation of HIPAA's Privacy Rule, you can take a look at the government's official website on the subject here:

Secure Testing

In addition to abiding by legal confidentiality requirements, STDAware also uses the most up to date and sophisticated data protection techniques available. Some of them have been privately developed specifically for use on our website alone. This was done at great cost to us. That is how obsessive we are about patient privacy. Our records will not be compromised. We are constantly updating the back end of our website to ensure that intruders will never gain access to any of our patient records. We are closely watching our patient data around the clock. Your information is safe with STDAware.

HIPAA Compliant

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The Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act ensures your healthcare information remains confidential between you and your healthcare provider. STDAware has a commitment to abiding by HIPAA and all other state and federal regulations.

SSL certified

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We use 128-bit SSL encryption to ensure the communication between our servers and your computer remains confidential. Your payment and personal information is securely transmitted throughout the entire testing and reporting process.

Privacy Guaranteed

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The privacy of our patients remains one of our top priorities. Your information will only be shared with you and our billing is discrete.

Patient Privacy Rating

STDAware is committed to protecting our patients' privacy from the moment you call us through receiving your test results. Orders placed online are securely protected with 128-bit SSL encryption so you can rest assured whether you're purchasing over the phone or in front of your computer, your personal details are safe.

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