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Does flavoring a condom affect its effectiveness?

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"Are flavored condoms just as safe as regular condoms?"

- Anonymous


I'm glad you asked this question. Before looking into it, I would have assumed that the flavoring was just a novelty and that they were every bit as safe as normal condoms. This is not the case.

Flavored condoms are just as effective as unflavored condoms when it comes to preventing unwanted pregnancies or STDs. It's important to know that they are a form of protection and perform admirably if those are the goals you have.

That being said, flavored condoms are not intended for vaginal intercourse. The chemicals on them that give them their flavors can actually cause infections in the vagina. So, in that sense, they are not "just as safe" as unflavored condoms.

Flavored condoms are intended for use during oral sex and only during oral sex. They have flavoring on them because many people prefer the taste of the flavors to the taste and mouth-feel of an unflavored condom. Of course, this is merely a matter of preference.

Whether you use a flavored condom or a plain condom, you should always use some form of protection during oral sex. Almost all STDs can be spread during oral sex. A lot of STDs can manifest themselves as mouth or throat infections.

If you have been practicing oral sex without protection, you should consider getting yourself tested for STDs. Even if you are feeling no symptoms, it is still possible that you are carrying a disease. A large percentage of people can be carrying STDs without having any symptoms at all.

I hope this clears things up for you. Practice safe oral sex!

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