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Can A Bug Give You A Sexually Transmitted Disease?


"If a bug was on your genital area, can you get an std?"

- Anonymous


Sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted by an uninfected individual coming into contact with infected cells through saliva, semen, blood or other bodily fluids. Mosquitos have been known to carry malaria, yellow fever and a handful of other diseases so the question isn't as strange as it first might sound. Multiple stories have emerged over the years alluding to mosquitos spreading hepatitis and HIV but none of them have ever been verified. As of today, there is no evidence to suggest that mosquitos or any other insect can transmit STDs from one infected individual to a non infected individual. Mosquitos only carry a small amount of blood and infections like herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis need more cells to infect a healthy individual.

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