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chlamydia transmission even when no ejaculate goes into the vagina

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"I was infected with chlamydia and received treatment but my partner hasnt and we had protected sex but when he was about to ejaculate he pulled off the condom and ejaculated and some landed on me i felt it next to my vagina. I got up and went to shower could i be infected again?"

- Anonymous


This is a good question. Chlamydia is the most common STD in the United States and it typically spreads through vaginal fluids and semen. You cannot spread chlamydia by skin to skin contact or via blood.

In the scenario you described, it doesn't sound like any semen came into contact with any of your vaginal fluids. Here's the thing, though: it's impossible to know. While your partner did not ejaculate into your vagina, there was definitely some pre-ejaculate present. Pre-ejaculate is a fluid that the penis produces between the time it first gets aroused and when it ejaculates. 

It is possible for pre-ejaculate to pick up and spread small amounts of semen. That can spread chlamydia. It is also possible to become pregnant under these circumstances.

The other thing that you should be concerned about is that it is possible to spread chlamydia through unprotected oral sex. If that is something that you engaged it, it should also be a cause for concern for the same reasons listed above.

Your best bet is to get yourself tested. You may feel like you do not need to do that because you are not showing any symptoms. The problem with that logic is that most people who carry chlamydia show no symptoms at all and do not know that they have it. Be safe. Get a test done. You will get the results back quickly. If you do have chlamydia, treatment is quick and effective.

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