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STD Transmission During Oral Sex

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"I gave a boy oral sex and he didn't have a condom on. Am I at risk for an STD?"

- Anonymous


There are four ways that STDs can spread. The first way is from a mother to her child during birth. The second way is through semen and vaginal fluids. The third way is through skin to skin contact. The last way is via blood. 

If somebody contracts an STD, at least one of these methods of transmission must occur during sexual contact.

There are a number of people who think that oral sex (which is genital to mouth contact) is not a way to spread STDs. The truth is, most STDs can be spread during oral sex, because there is a chance that the person giving the oral sex can come into contact with the other person's skin, sexual fluids or blood.

There are ways to protect yourself from spreading STDs during oral sex. Dental dams and condom use are excellent ways to reduce the risk of spreading STDs.

If you have performed unprotected oral sex, you should consider getting yourself tested for STDs immediately. If the worst happens, and you receive a positive result, you will then be able to discuss treatment with your healthcare provider.

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