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Bacteria can get in the urethra during mutual masturbation

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"I am a male who recently engaged in mutual masturbation with another male in a private sauna. We touched ourselves then each other (penis and scrotum) and there was touching of the urethra (possible transfer of sweat and pre-cum). What am I at risk from the encounter? I showered immediately after but took a moment to use the restroom before and touched my own penis with the hand that I used on the other male. If there is anything that I am at risk for, what should I look for and when/what should I get tested for? After I also noticed a slight burning from possible friction on my penis but there is not any redness or blood or noticeable broken skin."

- Anonymous


This is a very good question. In general, STDs are transferred by the exchange of bodily fluids and/or contact with the mucous membranes of the body, especially where small cuts or abrasions are present. Contact of precum with the hand does not present much risk of an STD infection but, depending on the cleanliness of the hand in contact with the head of the penis, there may be risk of bacteria making its way through the uthrethra and causing a UTI (urinary tract infection). Additionally, HPV (Human Pappillomavirus), the virus responsible for warts, can be transferred from hands to genitals and visa versa, even if there are no visible warts.

Many STDs can be transmitted when there are no visible signs or symptoms. The only way to be sure whether or not someone has an STD is to be tested because STD infections can be present in the human body for many years without any signs or symptoms. Routine STD testing is highly recommended for any sexually active adult anytime there is a change in sexual partners or habits.

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