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If I Have Unprotected Anal Sex, Can It Lead To Pregnancy Or STDs?

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"Am I at risk for STDs or pregnancy if I have unprotected anal sex?"

- Anonymous


This is an excellent question! It is important to know the consequences of anal sex. Let's get into it. 

A woman can become pregnant any time semen enters her vagina. This can sometimes happen accidentally during anal sex. It is also possible for semen to leak from the woman's anus to her vagina, which can result in pregnancy.

Even if you are only engaging in anal sex, it would be smart to use a form of birth control. Most forms of birth control are over 99% effective.

As far as STDs go, unprotected anal sex is a particularly high-risk activity. Your anus has a lining that is not especially sturdy. It is possible for your anus to get micro tears during anal intercourse. This is because the anus does not self-lubricate. A lot of times, micro tears will occur without you even feeling them or knowing about them. These tears give other fluids direct access to your blood, and, for that reason, are an excellent conduit for STD transmission.

Even though the odds of pregnancy during unprotected anal sex are a lot lower than the odds of getting pregnant during unprotected vaginal sex, it is a good idea to use condoms when you engage in this sexual activity. Using a condom is an easy way to greatly reduce the odds of getting pregnant and to protect yourself from catching an STD. 

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