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STDs can be spread by licking fingers that were just in a vagina

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"Hi. I recently had an encounter in which I inserted my fingers into a partner's vagina as we kissed. She then licked my fingers and quickly began to kiss me again, with an open mouth and inserted tongue. Is there a possibility of contracting an oral STD (such as oral gonorrhoea, oral chlamydia, oral syphilis, oral HPV or oral herpes) from such an encounter? Also... a separate but not unrelated question: if I were to contract an oral STD and then to kiss and/or perform cunnilingus on a woman, could I pass-on the infection to her mouth or vagina? "

- Anonymous


Thank you for your question. Understanding the way that STDs spread is an important step towards practicing safe sex.

The scenario that you described would allow for the transmission of various STDs. In order to truly protect yourself, make sure that there is always some layer of protection over the genitals when you come in contact with them. If you inserted your fingers into a woman's vagina, and then she licked your fingers and immediately open-mouth kissed you, that closely approximates putting your mouth directly onto her vagina. You can certainly contract an oral STD that way.

The answer to your second question, whether you can pass an STD to a woman if you have an oral STD and perform oral sex her or kiss her, is yes. Unless, of course, you are using protection. There are protective barriers available that you can use while performing oral sex on a woman. Performing unprotected oral sex allows for an easy transmission of STDs.

If you have been practicing unprotected vaginal, anal or oral sex, you should get tested for STDs as quickly as possible. 

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