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Some STDs have no symptoms at all

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"Can symptoms of a Sexually Transmitted Disease take 12 years to show up?"

- Anonymous


Thank you for your question.

STDs can take different amounts of time to manifest themselves in your body. That being said, twelve years is a bit extreme.

The time between contracting an STD and when a person can test positive for it is called the incubation period. Incubation periods are typically days to months, depending on the STD.

One of the STDs with the longest incubation periods is HIV. People cannot get reliable test results for an HIV test for around six months on average (this is for the standard HIV test--there is an early detection test which can give accurate results much more quickly).

However, despite all the talk about incubation periods, it should be noted that some STDs never show symptoms at all. A large percentage of men that have chlamydia will never show symptoms for it; this is actually true of a majority of women as well.

If you have started showing symptoms that you believe are related to an STD, even if it has been a long time since your last sexual encounter, you should get yourself tested as quickly as possible.

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