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Can a person with HIV give me syphliis?

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"Is it possible to contract syphilis from someone who is HIV positive and undetectable, but who doesn't have syphilis?"

- Anonymous


You cannot contract syphilis from an individual who is not carrying the syphilis infection. It can only be transmitted from a person that has the disease.

While both syphilis and HIV are most commonly spread through sexual activity, they can also be spread from a mother to her newborn while giving birth. It is possible to greatly reduce the risk of contracting either disease by using latex condoms during sexual activities.

To add some clarity to the question you asked: while many people think of HIV as the scariest STD because it is incurable and can be fatal, it is not a catch-all disease that can spread other infections. You asked if you can be given syphilis from somebody who has HIV. That is not possible if the person who is HIV positive is also not positive for syphilis. 

STDs can be confusing to people who do not have a lot of familiarity with them. It is important to know that each STD is its own unique type of disease. A person who is only infected with chlamydia cannot spread Hepatitis B through sexual contact, for example. Similarly, a person who is carrying gonorrhea cannot spread HSV-2 to other people unless that individual currently carries both diseases.

If you are worried that you may have contracted either HIV or syphilis, it is important to get yourself tested. Arranging for this testing through our site will provide you with prompt results, typically in two business days. If either of the tests come back positive, you will be able to discuss treatment options with your healthcare provider at that point. Syphilis can be cured with a small round of antibiotics. HIV treatments have advanced significantly in the recent past as well.

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