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What are the chances of STDs spreading through manual sex?

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"What are the chances of being infected with STD from being fingered or giving a hand job to someone?"

- Anonymous


There may be a low, theoretical risk associated with mutual masturbation with another person if that person has an infection. If a hand has direct contact with semen, vaginal fluids, discharge or a genital lesion of a person who has an infection, and then the hand has contact with the urethral opening of your penis, an infection could possibly be passed on. It's also theoretically possible that a cut on your hand could provide an opening to infected semen.

This is pretty unlikely.

It is always a good idea to use protection when you engage in any form of sexual activity. While the risks of contracting a disease in the scenario you laid out are unlikely, they are not totally absent. 

If you engaged in the behavior you described and are worried about any possible infections, you should get yourself tested for STDs. We offer results in two business days. Knowing the status of your health for sure can give you enormous peace of mind.

If you were to receive or spread an STD during manual sex, the most likely candidate would be herpes. The risk is small, but it exists. You can also spread herpes through intercourse, kissing, or any other activity that includes skin-to-skin contact.

The good news is, there are treatments available for every STD that we test for. In the unlikely event that you either spread or received a disease during manual sex, there are prescriptions available to either ease or cure your symptoms. If you receive a positive result for an STD, we have a physician available to speak to you about what your treatment options are.

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