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This answer goes over different sexual acts and whether or not HIV can be spread during them

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"Had receptive oral sex. Foreplay caused precum on hand. Wiped off. Then had protective oral sex. Hand touched condom when giving oral sex. Any chance of hiv"

- Anonymous


This is an excellent question. The short answer to your question is no. However, for the benefit of other people wondering whether or not they may have found
themselves in a circumstance where they are worried about whether or not they could have contracted HIV, we will go over a number of common sexual scenarios and
discuss whether or not you can catch HIV during them.

The two most common types of sex that can spread HIV from somebody who is a carrier to an uninfected person are unprotected anal sex and unprotected vaginal sex. If
you do have unprotected anal or vaginal sex, you should definitely get tested for the disease right away, but you should also know that HIV is not at all guaranteed to
spread under those circumstances. It is very rare for HIV to pass from one person to another if a condom is used, but it is not impossible.

There are a number of different oral sex scenarios that we will now go over. You can be either the giver or receiver of oral sex that is performed on a penis as well
as the giver or receiver of oral sex that is performed on a vagina. The receiver of unprotected oral sex on a penis can never catch HIV from an infected partner. The
giver of unprotected oral sex on an infected partner can catch HIV from the person whose penis is being sucked, but this is an extremely rare occurence. Oral sex
performed on a penis that is wearing a condom cannot spread HIV to either the giver or receiver. The receiver of unprotected oral sex that is performed on a vagina
cannot ever catch the disease. Under rare circumstances, the giver of unprotected oral sex on a vagina can contract the disease. This almost never happens, but it is
not outside the realm of possibilities. As far as rimming goes (this is mouth-on-anus oral sex), HIV cannot be passed to the giver or receiver. This is true for
protected rimming and unprotected rimming.

HIV cannot be spread under any of the following circumstances: during masturbation, while giving or receiving a hand job, while fingering (fingers in vagina or anus)
another person or being fingered, or after sharing sex toys that have been cleaned between users. If sex toys are shared without being cleaned between users, HIV can
spread from one person to another. 

While HIV infection rates are low in the United States, the risk of contracting the disease is real and always a possibility. For this reason alone, you should always
practice safe sex. If you have been participating in or have ever participated in unsafe sex, you should get an HIV test as quickly as possible. This disease is
uncurable, but effective treatments are available. Modern treatments can extend the life of HIV positive individuals for decades and even indefinitely nowadays.

Thank you for the question, and stay safe!

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