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I Finished Treatment For Rectal Chlamydia But Still Have Symptoms

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"i was diagnosed with rectal chlamydia 10 days ago, had moderate symptomps (itch, discharge). symptomps went away after 3-4 days on doxy. Now, 2 days post-treatment, symptomps are coming back (milder than before treatment, but definitely there). I completed the whole course of abs, abstained from sex. what should i do?"

- Anonymous


Chlamydia has been known to cause recurrent infections by hiding in the GI tract or stomach.  In fact, chlamydia is the most common sexually transmitted disease for re-infections, and it can even lay dormant for years while it shows no signs at all. It has been known to have resistances to antibiotics and if your treatment didn't eradicate the infection you'll need to get retested to ensure that is the case to be prescribed a stronger treatment.  

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