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You must abstain from sexual activity while waiting for your chlamydia to be cured

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"I was tested positive for Chlamydia, and started treatment. I did not read the label which discusses no alcohol consumption while taking an antibiotic, because it can make the antibiotic less effective. 24 hours into treatment I drank heavily and had sexual intercourse with my infected partner. Can I just take another round of 1000 mg of Azythromyicin right away to restart my treatment? Also, what are the concerns if I take another does of antibiotics right away?"

- Anonymous


Thank you for your question. A number of people contact us about situations related to interrupted treatment or taking their treatment in a manner that was not suggested by their physician. This is a good opportunity to provide information to both you and a number of other curious parties.

The first thing you brought up was your consumption of alcohol. You mentioned that the directions on your medication specifically advised against this. Always follow the instructions that are given by your doctor or pharmacist or included with the medication that you receive.

However, you also mentioned that you had sexual intercourse on the first day of your treatment. That is a much bigger deal than the fact that you consumed alcohol. You should not have done that. Although the timeframe may vary in specific circumstances, in general it takes seven days for the antibiotics that are prescribed for chlamydia to work. You are to refrain from sexual activity during those seven days. 

We are all human, and we all have urges. The drive and desire to have sex is understandable. You need to exercise some control here, though. You are still contagious until you are fully cured. In a nightmare scenario, you can manage to infect one of your partners, then become cured of chlamydia yourself, only to end up getting reinfected afterwards by the same partner that you infected while you were undergoing treatment.

The short answer to your question is yes, you do need to start your treatment over. Since you will need to take every single antibiotic tablet that was prescribed to you, this means that you will need to make an appointment to see a doctor again so you can get an entirely new prescription.

If you need convincing to start your treatment again from scratch, get yourself tested for chlamydia again before you see your doctor for a new prescription. 

While redoing your treatment, take the seven day period of abstinence seriously. You need to refrain from oral, vaginal, and anal sex. No form of sexual contact is acceptable. This may be difficult for you to do. It does not matter. You have to wait. 

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