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"If I get tested for Hepatitis B, will the test also inform me if I have Hepatitis C or Hepatitis A or do I have to have 3 different blood tests?"

- Anonymous


While all forms of Hepatitis have similar symptoms, they are not the same. A Hepatitis B test will not be helpful in determining whether or not you have Hepatitis A or Hepatitis C.

If you are worried that you are carrying multiple forms of Hepatitis, you will need to get tested for them individually. 

Hepatitis tests are not expensive. We offer them for $20 each. You will receive your results in two business days. 

Treatment for all forms of Hepatitis is effective nowadays. As of 2016, Hepatitis C can now be fully cured. There is no vaccine for Hepatitis C, but there are vaccines available for Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B.

Hepatitis can be spread person to person. Casual contact (things like hugging or shaking hands) do not spread the disease, however. Poor hygiene increases the chances of spreading Hepatitis. Young people are more likely to become infected than older people, and the disease has been known to spread throughout daycare centers and neonatal units.

Hepatitis can also spread through waterborne outbreaks. These instances are rare, but they do occur. Be cautious of any situations where water has been contaminated by sewage. Also be weary of water that has not been properly decontaminated.

Any sexually active person is at risk for Hepatitis. It is contagious and spreads through sexual contact. If you engage in unprotected anal, vaginal or oral sex, you are at risk for contracting Hepatitis. Some individuals have a higher risk profile for contracting Hepatitis. These people include men who have sexual contact with other men, and young people. If you are in any kind of sexual relationship, the use of condoms can greatly reduce your risk of contracting any form of Hepatitis.

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