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Does my vagina burning mean that I need a doctor's appointment?

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"I had intercourse a few days ago and now it burns when I urinate. I've started my period in the meantime. Do I need to see my doctor?"

- Anonymous


This is a fantanstic question. Buring while urinating can absolutely indicate an infection. Some women can experience yeast infections of vaginitis that can lead to a burning sensation when they pee. However, a burning sensation during urination can also be the sign of an STD.

In order for a woman to contract an STD, she must have participated in sexual activities. These activities can include oral sex, anal sex, and vaginal sex. One of these activities would need to have been engaged in for the symptoms to be related to an STD.

Of course, the risk of contracting STDs can be reduced by practicing safe sex. This includes using dental dams for oral sex and condoms for all types of sex.

It is important to both get tested for STDs and to see a medical professional if you are experiencing a burning sensation when you pee. If your STD tests do return a positive result, you can then speak with your doctor about treatment. If you do not have an STD, you can similarly speak to your healthcare professional about ways to treat the burning sensation that you experience while urinating. 

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