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Gonorrhea can be a rectal infection in addition to infecting the penis and vagina

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"My partner was recently diagnosed with gonorrhea and I’m scared that I might have it too. Is there any way to tell if I have gonorrhea?"

- Anonymous


Thank you for your question.


The best and most certain way to know whether or not you have gonorrhea is to get yourself tested for it. If, for some reason, that is not an option, there are sometimes symptoms that can clue you in to your status. That being said, some men and most women do not experience any symptoms with gonorrhea.


If you are one of the men that has gonorrhea symptoms, the most common ones are swollen, painful testicles, a discharge from the penis (green, yellow or white), and a burning feeling during urination.


As stated earlier, the majority of women do not experience gonorrhea symptoms. Among women that do, most of the symptoms are mild and often get mistaken for bladder infections and other ailments. The symptoms that women do experience, if they experience any at all, are a burning feeling during urination, vaginal bleeding while not on a period, and an increased vaginal discharge.


Gonorrhea can be a rectal infection as well. Rectal symptoms include discharge, soreness, itching, bleeding and pain during bowel movements.


If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or have a partner with gonorrhea, you should get yourself tested immediately or examined by a doctor. Gonorrhea testing and treatment is inexpensive. Even if you are experiencing no symptoms, people with gonorrhea are at risk of developing severe complications from the infection.

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