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Condoms are up to 98% effective at preventing STDs

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"How effective are condoms at preventing STDs? Do I really need to use one?"

- Anonymous


This is one of the most important questions we have ever been asked. We will go over the effectiveness of condoms and also talk about other methods of protection.

When used correctly, regular, external condoms are between 85% and 98% effective

The following are some things to keep in mind to ensure that you are using condoms in the most effective way. Always check the expiration date on a condom that you are going to use. Look for a pillow of air inside the condom to make sure that it does not have any tears or holes. Store condoms in a place where they do not get too hot. Make sure you open your condom carefully, in a way that does not cause it to tear. Make sure that you put a condom on before you have any sexual contact. Never wear a condom more than one time. Finally, make sure you have a talk with your partner about safe sex.

There are also internal condoms. A lot of people are unfamiliar with these. They are inserted into the vagina or anus and they help reduce the risk of STDs and pregnancy. Internal condoms are considered to be 78% to 98% effective when they are used correctly.

Dental dams are a piece of latex that is placed over the vagina or anus when oral sex is performed on either. They have no impact on the risk of pregnancy, but can help prevent the spread of STDs.

All of these safe sex tools are available over the counter at a number of stores. Always practice safe sex!

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