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Always use protection during sex if you have an open wound

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"Had sex for first time with girlfriend. Due to friction a relatively open cut formed on my penis. This cut was not a problem and has healed however my question is; If my girlfriend does have an std would I already have gotten it due to the open cut? Would continuing to have sex not increase the chance of std infection (She has no symptoms and neither do I- however she has had previous partners)."

- Anonymous


Thank you for your question.

Open wounds absolutely increase the risk of transmitting or contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Whether or not either one of you have symptoms is not a perfect indicator of the status of your health. It is possible to have numerous different STDs without ever having symptoms.

Since you engaged in sexual activity with such a severe risk factor in play, you should get yourself tested for STDs as quickly as possible. STD testing is inexpensive and can be done quickly and discretely. Treatments are available for every type of STD that we test for. The sooner you can get diagnosed, the sooner you can get treated.

In the future, refrain from sexual activity if either you or your partner has an open wound. That gives bacteria and pathogens a direct path into your blood stream. At the very least, be sure to use a form of protection, like a condom, if you have sex while there is a cut on your penis. 

Try to stay safe in the future.


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