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Can A Dirty Hand Transmit A Sexually Transmitted Disease Through Masturbation?

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"If a girl masturbates when she has a dirty hand, is it possible for her to get a sexually transmitted disease? For example, if I spent the day at the mall shopping and then came home and masturbated iwthout washing my hands, am I at risk for getting a STD?"

- Anonymous


Hi, thank you for your question.  

Sexually transmitted diseases are almost always transmitted via sexual contact.  Oral, vaginal and anal intercourse (as well as sharing needles) are the most common transmission methods.  Masturbating with unclean objects, such as a dirty hand, can still cause an infection such as a UTI or urinary tract infection.  Properly sanitizing masturbation objects and body parts is a necessary part of any healthy individual's sex life.  Please ensure proper antibacterial soap or cleanser is used before sexual activity.

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