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Vaginal odors and yellow or brown discharge can mean you have an STD

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"I'm a sexually active female and lately my vagina has been having a strange odor. I have a yellowish-brown discharge, and it is itchy. What is going on with me?"

- Anonymous


It can definitely be frightening and confusing when your body is acting abnormally and you do not know what is going on. You are not the only person who has ever experienced these symptoms, and this question will likely help other women in the future.

It does sound like you have the symptoms of an infection. Based on the description you gave, it can be a number of different STDs. A lot of STDs have similar symptoms. In order to determine which STD you're experiencing, it will be necessary for you to get an STD test.

Until you get your test results back, it would be a good idea to avoid sexual activity. That way, you can be sure not to spread your infection to anybody else. 

Once your test results are in, you will be able to discuss treatment options with your doctor. The majority of STDs are treatable.

Be sure to always practice safe sex in the future. Using condoms and dental dams are excellent ways to protect yourself.

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