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Some STDs have no symptoms at all

Asked May 23, 2017

Can symptoms of a Sexually Transmitted Disease take 12 years to show up?

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I got treated for chlamydia two days ago, and today I had sex. Should I be worried?

Asked May 24, 2017

I got treated for chlamydia two days ago and today I had sex with a condom but it broke during intercourse. We stopped having sex right when the condom broke. What should I do?

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Chlamydia and Gonorrhea can sometimes cause a sore throat

Asked May 29, 2017

My girlfriend and I both have sore throats. We have been having unprotected sex. Could this be an STDs?

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Possibility of contracting STDs if you've had one sexual partner

Asked May 30, 2017

Can I catch Gonorrhea and Chlamydia if I have only had one sexual partner?

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Abstain from sexual activity for seven days after chlamydia treatment

Asked May 30, 2017

If I have been treated for chlamydia but it has not yet been seven days since I received treatment, is it possible for me to infect somebody?

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Different time frames for STD test accuracy

Asked June 04, 2017

How soon after having sex can I get tested for STDs and have reliable results?

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chlamydia transmission even when no ejaculate goes into the vagina

Asked June 20, 2017

I was infected with chlamydia and received treatment but my partner hasnt and we had protected sex but when he was about to ejaculate he pulled off the condom and ejaculated and some landed on me i felt it next to my vagina. I got up and went to ...

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How long does it take to get my test results back?

Asked July 29, 2017

Will I get my test results the same day for a chlamydia test?

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Which Sexual Acts Can Spread Chlamydia?

Asked August 01, 2017

What are the chances of getting Chlamydia from an infected person if you've only had sexual contact with them one time?

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Do I have a urinary tract infection or an STD?

Asked August 14, 2017

Can an STD cause a UTI or mimic symptoms?

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How the CDC Estimates the chlamydia population of the United States

Asked October 06, 2017

How do we know how many people have chlamydia? Is it a big deal or is it something that I don't really need to worry about? Thanks!

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Chlamydia Can Cause Infertility In Men And Women But It Is Easy To Cure

Asked October 28, 2017

What exactly is a PID and how is it related to chlamydia? Are they the same thing? Can these conditions be treated? What do I need to do if I have chlamydia and how soon do I need to do it? Does chlamydia affect men and women the same way? Thank y...

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PID can come from STDs or from a yeast infection

Asked November 10, 2017

My partner was just diagonosed with PID, however she was screened for STI/STDs and came back clean. She's telling me that her PID is due to a severe yeast infection that traveled to the cervix. Can yeast infections cause PID?

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Even one sexual partner puts you at risk for an STD

Asked November 22, 2017

Wanted to know if a person can get STD if he had sex with only one partner and partner didn't had sex with anyone else other than him

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You must abstain from sexual activity while waiting for your chlamydia to be cured

Asked December 17, 2017

I was tested positive for Chlamydia, and started treatment. I did not read the label which discusses no alcohol consumption while taking an antibiotic, because it can make the antibiotic less effective. 24 hours into treatment I drank heavily and ...

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Unprotected oral sex can result in STD transmission

Asked January 15, 2018

Hello, I am a 20 year old male who's all very new to the sexual life. Recently I received oral from another male who claimed to be disease free. I have not felt or seen anything noticeable downstairs since the encounter. I do not know if I should ...

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Do not perform sexual activities while being treated for chlamydia

Asked January 22, 2018

I found out I was positive for chlamydia on Wednesday. I was prescribed 1000 mg of azithromycin and took the medicine on Thursday. On Sunday night, I made the mistake of performing oral sex on the man that probably gave me the chlamydia. He ejacul...

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Chlamydia is contagious and recurrence is common

Asked February 25, 2018

If my partner and I were both on the 7th day of treatment for chlamydia and she touched her clit and then grabbed my penis in a way that she did not touch my fluids. Is it possible that I have chlamydia again?

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Having Sex While Being Treated For Chlamydia Could Result In Reinfection

Asked March 04, 2018

Is it okay to have sex during my treatment for chlamydia?

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Using condoms during oral sex can prevent chlamydia from spreading

Asked March 05, 2018

Can you get chlamydia from giving unprotected oral sex even if the man does not ejaculate in your mouth?

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