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Herpes medications can last for multiple outbreaks

Asked July 28, 2017

I have herpes simplex 1. Will I have to go to the doctor every time I have an outbreak?

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Herpes is sometimes not contagious while the carrier is in remission

Asked November 05, 2017

Hi, my boyfriend was reciently diagnosed with herpes type 1, the test on herpes type 2 result came not positive nor negative it seems to be on the gray area. A couple of months i got and outbreak so the Dr told me i had herpes so i got tested for...

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You have likely had oral herpes since childhood

Asked February 06, 2018

Hello, I’ve recently been diagnosed with HSV-1, but in the genital area. My boyfriend hasn't been tested, but we’re assuming that I got it from him, via oral sex. So, since we both have HSV-1, but in different areas, can we give it to each other i...

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Herpes is easily transmitted when there is an open sore, blister, or rash

Asked March 06, 2018

Can someone contract the herpes virus (HSV) from someone with HSV-2 by touching their rash or infected area with their hands, and not through intercourse?

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