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Abstain from sexual activity for seven days after chlamydia treatment

Asked May 30, 2017

If I have been treated for chlamydia but it has not yet been seven days since I received treatment, is it possible for me to infect somebody?

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Treat STDs to avoid having them spread to other parts of your body

Asked November 07, 2017

I was in a situation where I did not practice safe sex. However, my mouth did not touch man's penis. I have read that STDs might spread through your body. If so, how long does that take from the possible infection? I will get tested from urine but...

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STDs can be spread by licking fingers that were just in a vagina

Asked January 17, 2018

Hi. I recently had an encounter in which I inserted my fingers into a partner's vagina as we kissed. She then licked my fingers and quickly began to kiss me again, with an open mouth and inserted tongue. Is there a possibility of contracting an or...

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