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Sexual fluids on dildos or other sex toys can spread STDs

Asked May 19, 2017

Can I get an STD from a dildo or other sex toy?

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Our STD tests require only a blood sample and urine sample

Asked May 25, 2017

My boyfriend is going to take a STD test for the first time. How is the normal STD test process or procedure for a male?

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What are the chances of STDs spreading through manual sex?

Asked May 25, 2017

What are the chances of being infected with STD from being fingered or giving a hand job to someone?

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STD Transmission During Oral Sex

Asked May 29, 2017

I gave a boy oral sex and he didn't have a condom on. Am I at risk for an STD?

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Different time frames for STD test accuracy

Asked June 04, 2017

How soon after having sex can I get tested for STDs and have reliable results?

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When it comes to sexual health, is there a difference between a disease and an infection?

Asked July 03, 2017

Does STD have a different meaning than STI? If so, what is the difference?

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Can Syphilis Spread Through A Syphilitic Rash?

Asked July 16, 2017

Can syphilis be contracted through cuddling with syphilis rash present?

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BV is not an STD but can increase your risk of catching an STD

Asked July 29, 2017

I keep hearing about Bacterial Vaginosis. Is that an STD?

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This answer goes over different sexual acts and whether or not HIV can be spread during them

Asked August 08, 2017

Had receptive oral sex. Foreplay caused precum on hand. Wiped off. Then had protective oral sex. Hand touched condom when giving oral sex. Any chance of hiv

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Flavored condoms are intended for oral sex only

Asked August 09, 2017

My boyfriend uses flavored condoms. Do you think that is what's causing my vagina to itch?

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The most common STDs in the United States

Asked January 12, 2018

What are different strains of STDS?

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Bacteria can get in the urethra during mutual masturbation

Asked February 26, 2018

I am a male who recently engaged in mutual masturbation with another male in a private sauna. We touched ourselves then each other (penis and scrotum) and there was touching of the urethra (possible transfer of sweat and pre-cum). What am I at ris...

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