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Can a person with HIV give me syphliis?

Asked June 09, 2017

Is it possible to contract syphilis from someone who is HIV positive and undetectable, but who doesn't have syphilis?

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Different time frames for STD test accuracy

Asked June 04, 2017

How soon after having sex can I get tested for STDs and have reliable results?

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If I have been abstinent, can I have an STD?

Asked May 30, 2017

I have not had any sexual contact since the last time I got tested for STDs. Is it possible that I could have caught an STD in the meantime anyway?

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Can Syphilis Spread Through A Syphilitic Rash?

Asked July 16, 2017

Can syphilis be contracted through cuddling with syphilis rash present?

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What sexual acts spread syphilis and which sexual acts cannot spread syphilis?

Asked August 07, 2017

What are the types of sex that can spread syphilis and which types of sex or bodily contact do not spread syphilis?

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Even one sexual partner puts you at risk for an STD

Asked November 22, 2017

Wanted to know if a person can get STD if he had sex with only one partner and partner didn't had sex with anyone else other than him

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Unprotected oral sex can result in STD transmission

Asked January 15, 2018

Hello, I am a 20 year old male who's all very new to the sexual life. Recently I received oral from another male who claimed to be disease free. I have not felt or seen anything noticeable downstairs since the encounter. I do not know if I should ...

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Using condoms during oral sex can prevent chlamydia from spreading

Asked March 05, 2018

Can you get chlamydia from giving unprotected oral sex even if the man does not ejaculate in your mouth?

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