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the need for individual hepatitis testing

Asked June 08, 2017

If I get tested for Hepatitis B, will the test also inform me if I have Hepatitis C or Hepatitis A or do I have to have 3 different blood tests?

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chlamydia transmission even when no ejaculate goes into the vagina

Asked June 20, 2017

I was infected with chlamydia and received treatment but my partner hasnt and we had protected sex but when he was about to ejaculate he pulled off the condom and ejaculated and some landed on me i felt it next to my vagina. I got up and went to ...

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Different time frames for STD test accuracy

Asked June 04, 2017

How soon after having sex can I get tested for STDs and have reliable results?

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Our STD tests require only a blood sample and urine sample

Asked May 25, 2017

My boyfriend is going to take a STD test for the first time. How is the normal STD test process or procedure for a male?

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