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How costly are STD treatments?

Asked May 25, 2017

Are most STD treatments within the reach of people who cannot afford health insurance?

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Gonorrhea can be a rectal infection in addition to infecting the penis and vagina

Asked October 12, 2017

My partner was recently diagnosed with gonorrhea and I’m scared that I might have it too. Is there any way to tell if I have gonorrhea?

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You must abstain from sexual activity while waiting for your chlamydia to be cured

Asked December 17, 2017

I was tested positive for Chlamydia, and started treatment. I did not read the label which discusses no alcohol consumption while taking an antibiotic, because it can make the antibiotic less effective. 24 hours into treatment I drank heavily and ...

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Chlamydia is contagious and recurrence is common

Asked February 25, 2018

If my partner and I were both on the 7th day of treatment for chlamydia and she touched her clit and then grabbed my penis in a way that she did not touch my fluids. Is it possible that I have chlamydia again?

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Having Sex While Being Treated For Chlamydia Could Result In Reinfection

Asked March 04, 2018

Is it okay to have sex during my treatment for chlamydia?

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