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Should I get checked for STDs if my vagina bleeds after sex?

Asked May 25, 2017

I always bleed after having intercourse. Is that normal? Should I get this checked out?

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Does my vagina burning mean that I need a doctor's appointment?

Asked May 29, 2017

I had intercourse a few days ago and now it burns when I urinate. I've started my period in the meantime. Do I need to see my doctor?

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Explanations for painful sex

Asked June 30, 2017

Having sex is painful for me lately. It never was before. What could this mean?

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Vaginal odors and yellow or brown discharge can mean you have an STD

Asked May 25, 2017

I'm a sexually active female and lately my vagina has been having a strange odor. I have a yellowish-brown discharge, and it is itchy. What is going on with me?

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Discusses whether or not STDs might be responsible for an itchy vagina

Asked May 04, 2017

I haven't had sex with anybody in a while. Why is my vagina so itchy?

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