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"I recently had unprotected sex and I really want to get tested for STDs. What is the process like?"

- Anonymous


Great question! A lot of people who feel like they need an STD test can feel intimidated because they do not know what to expect. Some STD testing procedures are a lot more invasive than others, so it's a good idea to know what you're getting yourself into.

At some clinics, getting an STD test will require you to abstain from eating food for different periods of time before you arrive at your testing facility. Some procedures cause a lot of physical discomfort and can be embarrassing. To give an example, some STD tests require the patient to have a cotton swab inserted into his penis so the lab can get a sample of bodily fluids to run their tests on.

Not all STD testing is this uncomfortable. Not all STD testing requires you to fast. When you purchase an STD test from us, for example, there is no need to starve yourself overnight and there will never be a cotton swab that gets inserted into your penis.

Our tests require either a blood sample or a urine sample. If you go in for a ten test panel, you will need to supply both samples. As mentioned above, this STD-testing methodology is about as painless as it gets. You do not need to worry about adhering to temporary dietary restrictions or hungrily count down the hours leading up to your test.

After you provide your blood sample and urine sample, you will receive your results from us two business days later. Nothing will be mailed to your house. You will not be called about your test results. Your results will be emailed to the the email address that you used to register with. That's it!

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