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What sexual acts spread syphilis and which sexual acts cannot spread syphilis?

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"What are the types of sex that can spread syphilis and which types of sex or bodily contact do not spread syphilis?"

- Anonymous


Thank you for your question. What we will do is go through a list of different types of sexual acts and talk about whether or not you can contract syphilis while
performing them.

Let's begin with vaginal sex and anal sex. Syphilis is easily passed from one partner to another if you are participating in unprotected vaginal or anal sex. If you do
use protection, the odds of syphilis being transmitted go down, but it is still possible to catch the disease.

We will now move on to oral sex. If oral sex is being performed on a penis and no protection is being used, syphilis spreads easily and often. If a condom is worn,
however, it is very rare (although possible) for syphilis to be transmitted. If oral sex is being performed on a vagina with no protective barrier in place, syphilis
passes from one partner to another easily and often. It is not common for syphilis to be transmitted during protected oral sex on a vagina, but it does happen from
time to time. As far as rimming (oral sex on the anus) is concerned, syphilis spreads easily during this sex act unless a protective barrier is in place. With some
form of protection being used, the odds of syphilis being transmitted go way down, but it is still possible for the disease to spread under these circumstances.

It is not possible for syphilis to be transmitted during masturbation. It is rare for syphilis to be spread while performing a hand job or during fingering, but it
does happen in rare cases. Syphilis can also be spread if people share a sex toy without cleaning it in between users. If the sex toy is cleaned, the odds of syphilis
spreading are nil.

A good rule of thumb is to always practice safe sex. While condoms and protective oral sex barriers do not eliminate the risk of spreading syphilis, the risk is still
reduced significantly. If you have been having unprotected sex (or have ever had unprotected sex), you should get yourself tested for syphilis right away. You should
also get yourself tested for other STDs as well. If you happen to get some bad news and your syphilis test comes back positive, the good news is that syphilis is
easily treatable and fully curable. Stay safe!

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