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How can you contract gonorrhea if neither you or your partner have ever had it before?

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"I have had only one sexual partner for almost two years. We have had unprotected anal sex. I tested positive for gonorrhea, but my partner tested negative. How can this happen?"

- Anonymous


There are several things that might be contributing to your situation.

  1. 50-80% of people with gonorrhea infections do not have any symptoms. It is possible that the gonorrhea infection existed prior to your current partner.
  2. The gonorrhea test is falsely positive and a follow up test should be performed.
  3. Your partner's test is falsely negative and a follow up test should be performed. Symptoms of gonorrhea often do not appear for up to 10 days after infection and depending on when they were tested, the presence of the infection may not have shown up on the test yet.

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